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Lamont Fountain, producer, director of photography, editor, and award winning music director was hired by Jillian Bullock to work on her movie “A Sense of Purpose: Fighting For Our Lives.” Now in post-production, Lamont is hard at work editing the movie to get it prepared for film festivals and distribution. Let’s hear from Lamont in a Q& A.
Q: How did you start your career as a director of photography (DP) and editor?
                                                                                                 (Lamont Fountain)
A: I actually started out making documentaries about 10 years ago. I’ve been directing/DP’ing and shooting/editing music videos and corporate videos/commercials since that time. This film is actually my first time focusing solely on the director of photography and editing positions.
Q: You’re also an award winning music video director. Tell us about that. 
In 2014, I was asked to do a music video for James Knight’s song “Abandoned” ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BotKy0Qu3AY).  The concept is based on the movie “I Am Legend” and the TV show “The Walking dead”. It turned out to be a pretty large project for a music video, with lots of visual effects and green screen work. While most music videos are shot in a day, we shot at different locations and scenes over several months. It won Best Music Video Awards at the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival and the October Film Festival in NYC. It was also selected for the Cannes Short Film Festival.
Q:  How did you get involved in A Sense Of Purpose: Fighting For Our Lives?
A: The writer/director Jillian Bullock got in touch with me thru the Stage32.com site which is like linkedin.com for filmmakers. She told me she was looking for a Director of Photography for her film and asked me if I was interested. We eventually met at the Llanerch Diner in Havertown, PA (where the diner scene for “Silver Linings Playbook” was shot, and also I shot a scene for “Abandoned”). We talked about our different experiences in filmmaking as well as different movies we liked and it was obvious we had a lot of the same tastes in film. She later gave me the screenplay which I read straight thru the first time I picked it up and I was blown away at how good it was. The rest is history.
Q: How was it working with Jillian Bullock?

(Jillian, director, discussing a scene with Lamont, DP)

A: It was definitely a new experience for me working to bring someone else’s creative vision to reality. Jillian is an amazing writer and I’m learning a lot working with her. As a director, she understands and respects each person’s job on set which I think makes a great director.
Q:  Why was it important for you to work on this project?
A: My dad is a U.S. Marine Corps 100% service-disabled Vietnam Veteran who deals with PTSD, so it’s a subject that hits very close to home. This film deals with the pathology of PTSD in such a real and relatable way I think people will understand it like never before. I’m proud to be involved with telling this story.
Q: How did you earn another title of producer?
A: Besides the DP and Editor roles, I’ve been working closely with Jillian and Delayne Powe (co-producer) with casting, securing locations, bringing together the crew and other parts of the team like song writers Tracy Nelson and Yashar for the theme song and the composer Maurice Wilcher for the score, as well as Executive Producers Joe Hunter and Roger Fountain.
Q:  What was your biggest challenge as a DP on the movie?
A: The biggest challenge as DP on this project was working with a small budget and crew. This challenge, while sometimes frustrating, was ultimately a blessing. Not being able to shoot with the camera and gear I wanted forced me to be more creative with shot choices and lighting setups.
Q: What are a few highlights of filming ASOP?
                       (Lamont Fountain, with hat, surrounded by some of the cast and crew members)
 A: Besides working with such good material, the people! Awesome director, awesome cast, awesome crew! Every day on set felt like one big family, there was never a shortage of jokes and laughter on-set.
Q: What do you hope audiences will get from seeing ASOP?
A: This film will no doubt make you cry and laugh at times, but I hope it will make you think about what those who suffer from PTSD go through with a greater understanding. And for those that suffer from PTSD, I hope they will be strengthened and inspired.
Q: What are you working on next?
A: There are several projects in the oven from this filmmaking team. Audiences can expect a lot in the near future but we have a fun mind-bending psychological thriller called “A Cup Full of Crazy” in development for the next feature.
Q: Anything else you’d like to add about the movie?
                                                             (Lamont Fountain and Jillian Bullock)
A: Working on this film has been a great experience and I’m thankful to Jillian for choosing me as the DP/Producer/Editor. I really believe everyone involved did the subject matter and the screenplay justice and made an awesome film, and audiences will be pleased!

  1. I play the drums, keyboard and guitar. Music is my first love.
  2. I have a twin sister.
  3. I love to drive in the snow. The thicker the better.
  4. I love thunderstorms.
  5. I’m actually a Jedi.

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