Fun Facts Behind the Filming of A Sense of Purpose: Fighting For Our Lives

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Although “A Sense of Purpose: Fighting For Our Lives” deals with
tough subject matters, including veterans who suffer with post-traumatic
stress disorder and military sexual assault, Jillian Bullock, the
writer, director, and producer felt it was important to keep the film
set fun and enjoyable between takes so the cast and crew could unwind
and let loose.

Here are some fun highlights and an inside look from the set.

(Lead actors John Quinlan and Tamara Woods)

(Actor John Quinlan and Jillian Bullock, Writer, Director, Producer)

(Cast and crew)

(Actor Bethany Mack and James Fountain, Boom Operator and Associate Producer)

(Producer Delayne Powe, Director Jillian Bullock and Unit Photographer Nikki Lenore)

James Fountain and Lamont Fountain are brothers and they act like typical
brothers on set, play fighting, talking over each other, cursing each
other out.

John Quinlan is a ham. Although, he is new to acting, John already knows
he’s going to be the next big IT – like Dwayne “The Rock”Johnson. He has
the looks, the body and the talent to back it up. Those on set  just
rolls their eyes and ignore him.

Tamara Woods is also a ham. As the lead
female actor, and a very talented one at that, she always wants to do
shoot more scenes. Tamara says, “Just in case you need additional
footage.” Those on set just roll their eyes and ignore her, too.

Since Lamont Fountain has become an award winning DP, he swears he is the
best director of photography in the film industry. The cast and crew
roll their eyes at him, too.

John kept messing up kissing scenes with Jillian on purpose. One kissing
scene they got up to 132 takes. Just kidding. It was 101 takes.

James Fountain tells the cast and crew don’t get Jillian pissed off because she will turn into James Cameron on set.

Credit: Photo by Newspix/REX/Shutterstock (1803185a) James Cameron
James Cameron is one of the most powerful directors/producers in Hollywood with films such as “Titanic,” “True Lies,” and “Avatar.” He is also known as one of the most difficult and
harsh directors to work with.

Since John has a great body he’s always trying to do scenes with his shirt off. And he’s still trying to get Jillian to shoot a shower scene, like the one Will Smith did in the movie “I, Robot.” He hasn’t persuaded Jillian yet.

Some of the actors went above and beyond to get the shots we needed for various scenes.

(Director Jillian Bullock applies “blood” to actor John Quinlan)

(Actor Kerwin Gonzalez having dirt and mud applied to his face)

(Actor David Bazemore with “bloody guts”)

Along with the other hats Jillian wore, (writer, director, producer), she was also the fight choreographer. She worked with the actors to help them perform the fights correctly and not get hurt.

(Actors Sara Osi Scott, Joe Hunter, Tamara Woods)

(Actors Robert Murray and Tamara Woods. Director Jillian Bullock in orange shirt)

(Actors Michael Pleasant and John Quinlan)

Delayne does a great impression of John’s Boston accent, which cracks up the cast and crew because she really makes John sound like a Boston Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Lamont is trying to talk Jillian into casting Tamara Woods and John Quinlan in every film they produce.

Jillian keeps telling Lamont that won’t work since Tamara and John will be big stars soon and they will probably act like they don’t know Lamont and Jillian anymore. How easy it is to
forget where you got your first big acting break.

Delayne calls Lamont Jillian’s “work husband,” because they fuss a lot on set and off set.

But they always compromise and hug it out.

Unlike a lot of directors, Jillian doesn’t mind hearing actors’ thoughts on their characters, which
sometimes required Jillian rewriting certain lines in the script.

(Actor Misty Godfrey and Director Jillian Bullock)

This image of John and Jillian was shot during a photo shoot by Nikki Lenore.

It became so popular that a literary agent contacted Jillian about writing a novel.

That image became the cover of the upcoming book Shadows of Love, Betrayal & Murder. Due out this later in 2017.

The main cast and crew (Jillian Bullock, Delayne Powe, Joe Hunter, Tamara Woods, James Fountain, and John Quinlan) have worked together for over a year now and they call each
other family.

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